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World Dream Bank: PLANETOCOPIA

Hello, bitches who like worldbuilding and speculative evolution. This one’s for you. Apparently the creator was quite controversial in the SpecEvo community at the time for being a “utopian communist hippie”. This site absolutely enraptured me as a kid. Enjoy!

A Hidden Hollow 

A place that makes custom cat trees. Apparently they’re still in business as of March 2022, which is quite impressive for a site started in 2006. I just like to look at the kitties :)

Renaissance Web Reference 

A RenFaire reference site. I really don’t know the backstory behind this one. Whoever made it sure had opinions on historical accuracy. I just like seeing the costumes.


A cool little place with tutorials on how to make DIY alcohol-burning camping stoves. I actually made one myself  a while back! It even has a page explaining the different designs and how they work.

Pewter Manor 

When I first stumbled upon this site, it felt like walking into a consignment shop in a half-abandoned mining town off a scenic highway in the Lower Appalachians. Look at all these fucking wizards!!!! Plus, they’re still in business as of June 2022, so these cool fucking wizards can be YOURS! :D 

This one I actually discovered while making this doc. Very crispy collection of GIFs. I particularly like the NSFW warning redirecting kids to the Barney website. Do be warned, there are popups (that basically every modern browser automatically blocks)

Ian's Shoelace Site 

Shoelaces. Shoelaces! Everything you could possibly want to know about shoelaces. Been around since the late 90s and still updates regularly. All brought to you by a 60-year-old Australian guy. If you dig around a bit you can even find his personal site.